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Los Angeles, Las Vegas

It is said about Las Vegas that there is no such city in the world- the biggest, the longest, the brightest, named A World capital of Hazard. The eighteen of the twenty largest hotels in USA are located in Las Vegas ...

Miami, Florida

Florida is situated in the southeastern part of USA and is a peninsular, separating the Atlantic Ocean from the Mexican gulf. Florida is named the Sunshine State because it has a lot of sunny days ...

New York

New York is the biggest city in USA. It is very rich in places of interest, museums, parks and attractions. The Statue of Liberty, The Sky Observatory on Empire State Building, Broadway Theatre, the famous Times Square; the Rockefeller Center, The Art Museum Metropolitan, Guggenheim Museum, the beautiful Central Park and many others are among those places of interest ...


Enjoy the unique and modern canadian city of Toronto with our offer for nine days...


Enjoy the capital of french Canada - ╠ontreal with our exclusive top offer...


Sveta Tours offers you a unique two-week excursion, including visits to most of the main cities of └ustralia ...

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carnival cruises

Sveta tours Ltd. organizes cruises to the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, the Pacific Ocean, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and Transatlantic cruises with the biggest cruise operators in the world: CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE and COSTA CRUISES

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